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Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L
Zestaw BAZOWY 200L

Zestaw BAZOWY 200L

  • Zestaw BAZOWY ze sterowaniem pneumatycznym, akcesoriami piaskarskimi, bez wyposażenia BHP
10 393,50 zł
/ szt. brutto
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Produkt na zamówienie
14 dni na łatwy zwrot
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Our sand blasters were created to be used in a professional way in industrial plants, manufacturing plants and the service facilities.

     They are fit for all conventional abrasive materials. They are simple to use and reliable. The accessories used are of highest quality and guarantee a long-time performance.

    The pot bottom allows to feed the pot conveniently with abrasive material and a cone funnel enables an easy flow of the abrasives. The  inspection door in the pot allows all items which got inside in and blocked the flow of the abrasive material to be easily removed. The package is equipped with a sieve to avoid contamination which can block the flow of abrasives from entering the pot. The cover which is also part of the sand blaster equipment protects the machine against water which may get in from outside.

    A relatively small weight of the movable pressure pot facilitates easy transportation. It can be transported in a horizontal position, thanks to which it can be fitted into smaller transportation vehicles.

    All pressure pots we offer meet the technical requirements set by the currently applicable PE Directive 2014/29/UE 26 February 2014 and have CE certificates of conformity issued by a BTI-CERT notified authority no. 1433. When manufacturing the containers all quality requirements for welding included in the PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 standards are met, what is certified by a certifying authority.  

    The sand blasters are equipped with a moisture separator that eliminates the moisture in the air which is fed (even by 98%), thanks to which the abrasive material stays powdery and does not block the container exit.  

    The Micro MEV metering valve is very comfortable to use and precise. Suitable for all standard abrasives.

    The LARK RMS 2000 valve is a part of the pneumatic control system, which allows for opening and closing the discharge of the material remotely from your workplace. The handle CLX in the pneumatic control system forms part of the control system which allows for starting and holding the operations of the sand blaster remotely from your workplace. This is connected with the RMS valve through a twin line hose. When the lever is released the pot decompresses and the discharge of the abrasive material is stopped. 




- 200 liter pressure pot, wheels
- LARK Micro metering valve
- Elements connecting the valve with the pot, sieve and cover

- Moisture separator

- BTI certificate, declaration of conformity CE



- LARK RMS 2000 valve with silencer
- LARK CLX deadman handle
- 25 meter twin line hose


- 20 meter blast hose, M-FLEX, DN 25
- LARK CQN-1 coupling (internal diameter ᴓ 25)
- LARK NNH-1 nozzle holder (internal diameter ᴓ 25)

- AirBlast ATCUX type tungsten carbide venturi nozzle*


*Nozzle size dependent on air input


 The sand blasting package meets all legal regulations. A full set of documents is attached to the package, including: a manual, a guarantee, CE testing certificate for the pressure container made by a BTI-CERT notified authority no. 1433, CE declaration of conformity.


We offer professional advice to our clients in choosing the proper machines and accessories for blasting.


Our specialist will gladly answer all your questions and help solve the problems related to sand blasting.


Wąż roboczy
20 m, M-FLEX, Ø 25 mm
Wąż sterowania
25 m
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